• Michelle Mediati-Whalen
  • October 24, 2023

Breaking Down the Distinctions: Sterling Silver versus Regular Silver

Breaking Down the Distinctions: Sterling Silver versus Regular Silver

Have you ever pondered whether sterling silver and regular silver are identical? Despite having a similar look, they differ greatly from one another. Original sterling silver is often used to create stunning organic jewelry designs of necklaces and earrings. If you’re confused and have doubts, this blog post will help you know the pure sterling silver and distinguish these two types of silver. This post will also help you know where you can find good quality and long-lasting silver jewelry. Keep reading!

Types of Silver

We got silver and gold from nature as the main materials used in routine lives. We cannot use these pure materials to make jewelry because of their extreme softness, suggesting that the piece of jewelry would be easily damaged. Therefore, goldsmithing (the practice of working with gold) is a technique used to create jewelry with the combination of pure silver or fine silver (normal silver) with additional metals. This process requires meticulousness to make the piece of jewelry durable and maintain its quality. This way, we can get exquisite pieces that stand the test of time.

The blend of pure silver and various materials forms different types of silver, including sterling silver, second-class silver, and German silver. This phenomenon elucidates the reason behind the existence of diverse silver variants.

For every 1,000 thousandth of material, sterling silver, also known as 800 silver, contains 800 thousandths of pure silver and 200 thousandths of another metal, often copper.

Conversely, German silver is really alpaca, a composite of copper, nickel, and zinc, not silver. If you encounter German silver jewelry in a store, we advise you to choose a different type of material because the quality of this jewelry will not be comparable to that of sterling silver.

And what is sterling silver, sterling silver, or 925 silver? In the following, this blog will highlight the difference between this silver and pure or fine silver.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, or 925 silver, is an alloy of silver and copper. Why do we call it 925 silver? This name is due to the fact that every 1000 g contains 925 g of silver, the rest being mainly copper. This clarifies why we call it sterling silver and why it differs from pure silver, which has less silver and more copper, and we extract the silver from that alloy.

This type of material was first used in England to make coins with stars printed on both sides. That is why silver is called sterling silver.

Exploring the Contrast: 925 Silver vs. Pure Silver

As explained above, 925 silver differs from pure silver in its components. Pure silver is known for its extreme softness, making it difficult to shape or make a piece of jewelry. Therefore, silver jewelry artisans do not use pure silver in goldsmithing.

Besides, pure silver can tarnish and become fade. The air itself can react with the silver, and as a result, the material can discolor, fade, and even tarnish. This causes a dirty image of the products where this material may be used.

Regarding sterling silver, it is not 100% pure silver, but almost. It comes from an alloy of several types of metals, making this silver more durable and stronger. Artisans can work with this metal in these areas: jewelry, cutlery, silver-plated items... and more.

Sterling silver can also tarnish and discolor due to the presence of elements in the air. However, its durability is more than pure silver, making jewelry long-lasting while maintaining its quality. 

Furthermore, jewelry made from pure silver is rarely found in the market. You can find jewelry made of sterling silver, like one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, and necklaces, and this is because of the difficulty of working (as mentioned) with the latter.

A significant advantage of sterling silver is its cost. As it has a smaller amount of silver than pure silver, pieces, and jewelry made with 925 silver will be less expensive, and the jewelry will last longer.

Where to Discover Stunning 925 Silver Jewelry?

After understanding the significant differences between 925 silver and pure silver, it is obvious what type of jewelry you will start looking for from now on. Numerous jewelry stores stock items made of various metals, and frequently, these are not what you would expect. For this reason, we would like to suggest Planet Dot Jewelry, where you may find one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, and rings that are made from high-quality sterling silver.

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Final Thoughts

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