Planet Dot Jewelry is located in beautiful Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle, tucked beside the waters of the Puget Sound. Michelle Mediati-Whalen has been running her small one woman business for over 20 years and works out of her lovely light-filled, in-home studio. She is a wife and a playful mother of two boys. Michelle is sensitive and stays true to her free spirit and individual style, which translates to all of her jewelry, which she creates with her own two hands. Her long morning walks are her inspiration. Michelle states that it is a sort of meditation, a time to think things through, a clearing. In this way, she enters her studio free of mind and clutter. To express the moment when the mind is free, allowing the body to create, uninhibited.

Michelle’s jewelry is not often predesigned. She believes a feeling, a mood, or a flash of an idea influence her work. It differs from day to day; thus, each piece is one of a kind, and all are beautiful and special with perfect imperfections, just like us. Most of her jewelry is created from silver and bronze, metals that radiate warmth and energy.

A stunning array of gemstones frequently find their way into the work of art. The pieces can be described as counterbalances of raw and refined, bold and soft, yet all of the pieces reflect the artist’s sensitivity. Each piece is individual. No design is ever repeated. The customer is going to wear jewelry that is truly one of a kind.