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One of a kind, hand fabricated, intuitive and organically influenced artisan jewelry.

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Hello and thank you for visiting Planet Dot Jewelry.  All of the jewelry that you see here is made by me (Michelle Mediati-Whalen) in my wonderful light filled studio. I stand behind every single item that I create...I test out each piece for comfort and wearability, ensuring that you get quality, unique jewelry. I use mostly fine and sterling silver and 14k gold unless otherwise stated. I believe in mixing metals and finding beauty in the raw and organic. If you want to know more about Planet Dot Jewelry, please contact me. 

Enjoy looking, and again, Thank you very much for visiting Planet Dot Jewelry.

~ Michelle

Hello Fall...

New pieces have been added. If you have questions, would like a private showing or have questions regarding a custom order, please reach out.

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It's not too late!

Most of my pieces are limited or one of a kind, but if an item should sell that you were interested in having for your own, please contact me and we will talk about making another one, not identical but similar to the one that sold. 

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Michelle, I am so thrilled with the earrings my sister ordered for me for my birthday! She's an amazing sister and YOU are my favorite, all-time artist!!!! Thank you so much for continuing to create the most beautiful pieces of jewelry!


So my dear woman, here's what makes me happy-----knowing that soon I'll be wearing (24/7) a wonderful bracelet made by a brilliant metal artist. I'm not sure if you are fully aware just how wonderful your creations are. I think they may be much like their creator, beautiful in their simplicity and uniquely individual. A true artist brings themselves into their work and I'm certain you've done that. I've already got my eye on another pair of earrings but they must wait 'til June. Yep, this old gal has gone daffy over PLANET DOT.


​Hi Michelle, your work is stunning and inspired and I love how you combine old and new in a way that enhances the 'spirit' and history of each piece. I feel very honored to have this piece. Thank you so much!